Questions & Answers (FAQ)

Considering the technical improvements, increasing bandwidths and significant smartphone users, has decided to develop the first website for 100% video escort girls. You will find unique, naughty, sexy and erotic content from escort girls all over Switzerland.

Easier, faster and more authentic - with a profile you have the possibility to address exclusive visitors directly!

Easy and fast - In just 3 steps you can create your profile on

  1. Login one or a new account Register .
  2. Click «Ads manager» and create a new profile.
  3. Click «Post an ad» and put your advertising online from now or a certain date.

Access to videogirlsch is blocked by geoblocking from the following countries!

  • Romania
  • Bulgaria
  • Spain
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Ukraine

This means that calls from the mentioned countries are not possible and your profile remains anonymous abroad.

A desired country is not included? Write our support:

Regularly switch your profile to the first position.

With the function Booster you can put your profile on the first position at any time for only 5 coins. The ad will get significantly more clicks!

To do this, go to the Ads Manager and click the "Booster" button on the desired profile - immediately or at a desired time.

Use real and diverse videos and get more attention - get inspired by our *example videos*!

Duration: 20 sek. – 120 sek.
File size: Max. 250MB! Thanks to the latest technology, every video is automatically converted and played back optimally on all end devices.
Content: To the *example videos Let your creativity run free, show your assets and charms! NOTICE! *What is forbidden on *

In the Ad Manager you can edit profile information at any time under «Edit profile» . Even with an active ad, the region can be changed in the Ad Manager under «Change ad».

Videos can be uploaded directly when creating a new profile or under the Cockpit item «New video» .

The advertisement remains online according to the selected duration and can be deactivated at any time in the Advertisement Manager.

Prohibited video content:

  • Any kind of pornography
  • Body fluids & non-definable fluids
  • Deflowered genital area
  • Content from or with minors
  • Content from and with animals
  • Sexual acts of any kind

Prohibited text content:

  • Everything related to minors
  • Everything related to animals
  • Mention or paraphrase of sexual enhancers or drugs
  • Mention or paraphrase of unprotected sex
  • A violation of the guidelines (AGB) of will be punished with the blocking of the account and further legal measures!

  • VISA / Mastercard (also Prepaid)
  • Twint
  • Paysafecard
  • Bank or postal transfer

If you would like to make a bank transfer or need deposit slips, our Support will gladly help you.

For further questions please contact our Support!